Top 10 Most Popular Property Investors in Vietnam

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    1. Thang Long GTC is a Vietnamese state-owned Company, that has invested in so many local brands as well as joint venture with foreign partners in Vietnam property.

    The Intercontinental Hotel opened in early December 2007 after a long period of construction and change of owners. This property was built by an investor from Singapore named S. Lien Holdings in 1991.

    In 1998, the hotel was half built but due to the impact of the economic crisis in Asia. It was abandoned for seven years. S. Lien Holdings later went bankruptcy. In 2005, Tradewinds Berhad Malaysia took over the project and it joined a JV with Thang Long GTC. Total investment for the next phase of Intercontinental Hanoi Hotel is $123 million.

    Hilton Opera is located adjacent to the Hanoi Opera House and it began operation in 1999. The real owner of this property is only known through rumor. According to the business license, the investors of Hilton Hanoi Opera are state-owned Thang Long GTC (30% stake)

    2. Hanel Vietnam

    Hanel Vietnam is operating in various fields, including electronics, information technology, telecommunications, real estate, logistics, financial investment, labor export...

    Daewoo Hanoi opened in 1996 and is one of the famous 5-star hotels in Hanoi, Vietnam. The owner of this hotel is Daewoo E & C Korea Co., Ltd. and Hanel Vietnam. In particular, the Korean group holds 70 percent of capital.

    In 2012, Hanel Vietnam bought Daewoo Hanoi with the investment of $100 Millions Dollars.

    3. VinaCapital

    VinaCapital is an investment management company and real estate developer focused on leading the market in Vietnam, with a diversified portfolio of nearly $ 2 billion in assets under management. VinaCapital was founded in 2003 and boasts a team of managing directors have extensive experience in international finance and investment.

    VinaCapital has invested in various properties in Vietnam, such leading hotels as Sofitel Metropole Hanoi, Movenpick Hanoi, Movenpick Saigon, Mercure La Gare Hanoi and Sheraton Nha Trang....

    [​IMG]4. Vingroup

    Vingroup is a real estate development firm and the fifth most valuable company on the stock exchange in Vietnam.

    Founder and chairman of this Vietnamese firm Vingroup Pham Nhat Vuong has once again been named by American business magazine Forbes in the list of the richest persons on the planet in March 2015.

    Forbes announced that Vuong still is the country's sole billionaire, a title he has held for the third time. He has a net worth of US$1.7 billion, an increase of $100 million over last year. However, his rank fell 26 spots to 1,118 out of 1,826 billionaires worldwide.

    Vuong spent the past year expanding his conglomerate's real estate business. He launched dozens of new projects, of which the most notable is Vinhomes Central Park, a $1.5-billion development project that will have an 81-storey skyscraper, expected to be the tallest building in Viet Nam.

    He's also building a theme park complex in Phu Quoc Island, which the government plans to turn into a tourist destination.

    Vingroup's expansion into the retail sector is underway with 25 Vincom shopping centres due to open in 2015. In the next three years, Vuong wants to open 100 supermarkets (VinMart) and 1,000 convenience stores in Vietnam.

    5. Lotte Hotel and Resort


    With the opening of Lotte Hanoi Hotel in 2014, the group aims to become a leading Asian hotel owner.

    The $92 million Lotte Hanoi Hotel is located at the Lotte Centre Hanoi, right next to the Korean-before owned Daewoo hotel or Hanel Daewoo Hotel now.

    Lee Jung Youl, general director of Lotte Hotels & Resorts Vietnam cum deputy chairman of Lotte Group said “I believe that it is high time for high-end hotel development in Vietnam, especially the five-star hotel segment, since Hanoi and Vietnam are integrated into the global market and are also attracting a strong flow of FDI, foreign tourists and businessmen, while Vietnam lacks high-end hotels."

    Lotte Group expects to see profits from the Hanoi Lotte Hotel within three years of operation.

    Lotte is also keeping its eyes open for potential buy-outs in Vietnam.

    The group paid $62.5 million to acquire the five-star Legend Hotel Saigon from fund management company VinaCapital over a year ago.

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