The Mindset to Getting Things Done: Think Result-Oriented

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    I recently made some changes in how I approach my daily work life. I switched more to a result-oriented thinking. Again. Since I already learned the value of result-oriented thinking when it comes to getting things done. If the productivity and time-management information is not really working for you it may not be the technique but the engine running it …

    The Mindset of Getting Things Done
    There are two basic mindsets about something we want to do:

    1. Process oriented

    What does the task mean? What will happen on the way to get there? How does it feel if I do it?Those may be the questions we ask internally if we adopt this mindset. The problem: if you don’t feel very good doing the necessary things, you might not give the best you could. This could lead to always trying to go the easy way and to avoid the tougher but sometimes necessary ways.

    2. Result oriented

    How can I achieve this? What do I have to do now to get there? How does getting the result feel?If you think result oriented, you tend to see the end in your mind and you are looking for the fastest way to go there. You want to have the result. This means that you become much more focused on action “flowing” towards the result.

    There may be some other mindsets when it comes to getting things done, such as the relationship oriented where you ask yourself “What does this task mean to my relationship to the people involved?” I seriously think that in general woman are more into this mindset.

    Advantage 1: Flexibility
    But the basic difference is the process vs. result orientation. If you think in results, the way to get the result is not that important. What matters is the result itself. This means that your way to get things done stays very flexible . If approach one did not work, doesn’t matter much! The approach was not important, the result is. So we just change the approach to a better one. We don’t get stuck in a process or even in the thick of processes.

    So flexibility is one major advantage in the result oriented mindset.

    Advantage 2: Drive to Action
    Another even more important one is the drive to action . If you want the result you usually want it now. This produces a lot of potential energy to invest into the actions to the result. What I experience is that the anticipation of the result is what makes the process actually enjoyable, even if the task in itself is pretty boring.


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