[$800 - HN] Recruit General Director Secretary Work In Hanoi

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    Position: General Director Secretary

    Salary: from $800

    Address: Hanoi

    Code: GDS - BK

    Job Description:

    This role takes responsibility for supporting the General Director:

    - Convey the directives of General Director to all departments, execute, keep track and report the progress

    - Plan and execute new projects of the company

    - Synthesize and analyze the performance of the company to prepare report for General Director

    - Indirectly supervise the company activities

    - Check the legality of the documents sent to General Director

    - Prepare documents for General Director during the meeting with partner. Represent General Director to work with partners

    - Translate documents when in need


    - Have bachelor degree in Foreign Trade, Business Administration or Laws

    - Have at least 2 years experience working in similar role

    - Good soft skills including: negotiation, presentation,

    - Ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines

    - Fluency in English

    - Competent in Microsoft Office Software


    - Attractive salary ($800)

    - Allowances and benefits (bonus, medical insurance, social insurance)

    - Full equipment support for the the work

    - Free training session from the company

    - Dynamic and professional working environment

    How to apply:

    - Candidates kindly send CV via email address rec2.gpo@gmail.com with subject: Fullname - Birth year - GDS - BK

    - Deadline: The sooner, the more opportunities to get interviewed and start working

    - More detail: http://bit.ly/GDS-BK

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