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    · To process and keep filing of accounting documents and confidential documents

    · Ensuring the cash flow is under control efficiently

    · Coordinate with relevant departments to collect and manage cash sales / Service providers. Also settle payment for staff / partners / customers / suppliers.

    · Manage and keep good record for company's cash box.

    · Prepare and submit tax declarations, tax reports (VAT, PIT, tax assessment) as per Vietnam tax regulations

    · Ensuring proper completion of all types of tax declaration and tax issues

    · To report the results of operations, balance sheet accounting and complete consolidate report for Company.

    · Prepare monthly and yearly financial statements following the Vietnam Accounting Standards

    · Participate, coordinate, and make recommendations on the Company's annual budget
    data of the Company

    · Manage staff PIT and insurance fund registration and payment.

    · Calculation of payroll for staff and factory workers.

    · Other ad hoc projects as assigned by Management.


    · Education : Graduated University (Accounting / Audit)

    · Chief Accountant Certificate is a MUST

    · Language: fluent and good in English is a MUST

    · Good knowledge in Vietnamese accounting system and tax regulations, also using of accounting software FAST.

    · At least 5 years solid experience in factory accounting and knowledge of BOM / cost of production is preferable.

    · Familiar in Microsoft office, especially Excel.

    · Honest, careful, detailed-mind and strong sense of responsibility and discipline

    · Good communication skill and ability to work independently and work with overseas office.

    <Salary budget> : around 25,000,000to 30,000,000 (gross)

    Ứng viên quan tâm vui lòng ghi rõ vị trí ứng tuyển và gửi CV (tiếng Anh chèn ảnh) vào địa chỉ liên hệ:Ms Lan:Email: lanpt@********.vn/ phamlan.vnu@gmail.comSkype: phamlan14111992Phone: 0987573892

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