Some time back, Andy was invited to the 20th birthday party for the daughter of a colleague at the office. The daughter was a pretty girl, surrounded by keen and presumably eligible young men. Andy shook her hand and bent forward to give her a fatherly-type peck on her cheek. She thanked him and that was the extent of their contact that evening.

However, Andy noticed an older woman watching him as he "did the rounds" of guests and family members. When possible, Andy took a good look at her without her noticing. She was quite tall, dressed in a dark blue kaftan-type of over-dress: with intricate gold woven panels around her shoulders, down the front and under her bust.. What struck him was the belt or rope-tie about her waist. It seemed to indicate a neater waist than he would have expected. She looked to be in her 50s: hair beginning to whiten, and some wrinkling around her throat. At one point, Andy asked his host, "Jeff, who's the lady in the blue dress?"

Jeff turned his back on her, it seemed so that she should not hear or watch what he was saying. "She's my elder sister Dorcas. We call her Dee. Don't take too seriously anything she says. She never married after our mother died, and sort-of managed the family when my Dad got heavily into the business-side of things. So she's not got accustomed to our social life or her own emotions, really. You'll meet her in a minute of two."

And he was right as Andy continued meeting people and shaking hands. Dorcas came up to him, instead of watching him from the side of the room, "I know you from Jeff's business meetings, and I know your name is Andrew Darwen but Jeff calls you Andy and you live alone. I'm Dorcas, Jeff's sister. Call me Dee, everyone else does and Dorcas is so old-fashioned," she giggled, "Actually, Jeff calls you Handy Andy because he says you can mend and fix anything that goes wrong or stops working. I've watched you before today and I'm so glad to see you again."

Andy held out his hand to shake but she took it in both her hands and pressed it to her chest. To her breast actually, and said in a whisper, "I think you're a very nice man. I could fall for you. Give him a proper kiss, please."

Andy was stunned. What to do? But she kept pulling on his hand and would have pressed it to her lips which would have been far too intimate a gesture in the midst of the crowd. So Andy leant forward and took her hands in his and planned to kiss her quickly on one cheek. She prevented that plan by turning her face at the last moment, so that their lips met. She smiled broadly as their faces parted.

She pulled him again towards her face and spoke softly in his ear, "I know I'm old and not a pretty girl any more, but I've been watching you for months and I'd like to be with you sometime."

Andy replied as noncommittally as possible, "Of course, we'll meet whenever Jeff arranges a function."

"No; I mean I'd like to spend some time with you all to myself," she replied still speaking softly, "Come over here and let me persuade you. Then you can show me how Handy you are."

She kept hold of one hand and gently pulled him towards the open patio windows; onto a small balcony overlooking the garden. Not wishing to cause a disturbance, Andy let her drag him. And, to be honest, Andy was curious what this older lady had in mind.

Once outside, with no one visible or in earshot, she looked up into his face still holding his hand to her breast, "I've watched you for a long time but you didn't realise it. Now feel at me and see what I've got to offer you."

She took both his hands and pressed them towards her chest again, with his palms upward; so that Andy was cupping two shapely breasts, obviously held firmly in place by a strong bra, rigid even; the bones of which Andy could feel through the fabric of her dress. Andy looked into her eyes and she knew at that moment that Andy was impressed by what he had felt.

"Well," she continued, "feel the rest of me." She pushed his hands down onto her ribs and further to her waist.

Andy was surprised and shocked even to feel the most ferocious old lady's girdle or corset under the loose dress. Maybe not quite a hard corset but moulding her figure and squeezing her waist much more than Andy would have thought possible. Very much as he had noticed earlier. He forgot his reserve and told her, "You feel wonderful."

Andy didn't tell her that her underwear and its effect was exactly what he looked for in a woman, all his adult life. But she must have guessed from the expression on his face, the lingering of his hands on her figure and the gleam in his eyes.

"See, this is how an old lady can please you," she smiled at me, "All this to find out and enjoy if you will come to me, soon. I think you will come and I think you will be very Handy Andy to me," and she winked at him with one eye.

Andy looked at her for a few moments. As he'd thought, she looked to be in her 50s; maybe approaching 60. Maybe 10 or 15 years older than himself. She was heavily made up and her hair obviously a work of art by a coiffeur. Her blue dress had half sleeves, and loose enough not to show the effects of her underpinnings; and ended just above her ankles and her high heeled shoes. Andy wished he had spent few more moments feeling at her thighs, to see if she was wearing stockings; but too late.

They kissed again, as she pressed her tongue against his closed lips. They went back into the party as nonchalantly as possible; and mingled with the crowd; separately and going their own ways.

Andy was now aflame to find out more about this lady and then to discover more of her figure and her foundations. He met up again with Jeff and asked him about Dee, as casually as possible.

He responded, "Well, she'll be 68 years of age next birthday. Like I said, never married, not even had a serious boyfriend, I don't think. But she's lived a sort-of mystery life from our point of view. We've never known where she was, nor who her friends were. Why? What has she been saying to you?"

"Nothing serious," Andy lied, "But you're joking; 68? She seems very fit; I didn't realise her age: I thought maybe 50-something."

"We don't really understand her; she's so much older than the rest of the family and has led a separate life in many ways. Until she retired. Her mother was my Dad's first wife but she died soon after Dee was born. Dad married again some years later and that's where we come from," he smiled at me, "Actually she's mentioned your name a few times to him over the past year or so. I hope she's not been a nuisance," he looked concerned.

"Not at all. She's been very sweet," and they left it there.

As Andy left the party, Dee came to him and pulled him to one side just out of the door, "Please call me at the weekend, Andy. You will be pleased, I can promise you. Here's my number." And she pressed a small piece of paper into his top pocket.

No one was within earshot, and Andy told her honestly, "Dee you don't know me at all. You an older lady but you don't know what my demands would be - as a man. My special wishes. My wants. But yes, I will call you. Promise."

Unexpectedly, she pulled him a little further away from the door and spoke softly into his ear, "I like you very much and will do whatever you want. Whatever you require. I promise this will be just what you want. Whatever you require of me. Any demands. You'll see. I'm captivated by you."

And so they parted, with long lingering glances back at each other.

Age 68; unbelievable.


Background note: Andy had been married more than once before that time. His first wife had divorced him aged 29 for reasons of "incompatibility." She had objected to his sexual preferences in "using" her body: all openings, erotic underwear, plugs of various sorts, restraint and a little mild bondage. His second wife had divorced him aged 33 because he kept comparing her with his first wife; especially in her shape and her own preference for loose casual clothing at all times, with no figure control at all. As soon as they were married, her sensuality had declined to zero. She wore no enticing underwear at all; not even a bra. Since then, now aged 38, Andy had run through a number of casual affairs and short friendships; but no relationship that met his personal "requirements."

Now he was employed by Jeff's company as Premises and Maintenance Manager, and had a reputation for being able to fix or alter anything that went wrong with machinery or the buildings and their services.


On the following Saturday morning, about 11AM, Andy called her.

"Hello Dee. How are you today? Now what do you have in mind?" he asked her.

"Andy, I've been waiting for your call. I'm so excited that you'll spend time with me," she replied, "My address is..." And she gave it out to him slowly, so that he could take it down, "When can you come?"

They agreed that Andy would go to her place at 4.30 PM that day. Andy simply and honestly did not know what to expect but was burning with curiosity and the memory of the feel of her body in her firm underwear.

Dee met him as soon as he walked through the gate of her front garden. She opened the door and came out a few steps to take his hands and pull her towards her face. This time , Andy was happy to let it happen and they kissed deeply, there on the short path to the gate. She pressed her tongue through his lips and opened his mouth by her pressure. She reached into his mouth and stroked his back teeth with her tongue, and his top palate. As she withdrew her tongue, she pressed him towards herself as if to say, "Your turn now - come into my mouth please." Andy complied and stroked her gums and under her tongue with his own. They parted, already knowing a lot more about each other, it seemed to Andy. Also, he realised that she was dressed more youthfully; a checked blouse and short fitted skirt, and high heels again.

Once inside the hallway, Dee took his outside coat, held onto him again and spoke softly, "I've made some food for later. Come with me now."

She led him to a ground floor bedroom, with a king-size bed, a sofa, wardrobes, a reclining exercise table and a door which led obviously to an en-suite bathroom. Dee turned him and began to unbutton his shirt. After only two buttons, she left him to complete the job and moved her hands to her own blouse, which she removed in less time than this takes to tell. Her bra became visible to Andy and he saw what previously he had imagined: a strong piece of underwear "engineering." Her breasts filled two massive cups with strong panel underneath and all round; broad straps over her shoulders, sides and front panel down into her waist supported by numerous inserts of boning. He reached forward to hold her ribs and could feel the tension, the firmness and the shaping that this long bra gave to her upper torso. In addition, he could feel a further layer of control under the bra. His erection began to strain within his trousers and he knew that there would be pleasure in the near future.

Dee moved across to the bed, with her back to Andy, and slowly undid the back zipper, and then let the skirt fall to the carpet. Stepping out of it, she turned to face him and presented the rest of her body contained in a brilliant white girdle that extended from her pubic region, upward and under the long bra. Dee wore no panties or knickers. There were six heavy suspenders [garters in US] holding up nylon stockings as high on her thighs as seemed possible. She stared down at his trousers and cocked her head as if to say, "Your turn now. Get them off." Which he did and let them fall to the carpet. He reached down and pressed his briefs downwards also, struggling a little to get them off over his mounting erection.

They smiled at each other and Andy moved towards her. Before he reached her, only two or three steps, Dee had kneeled up on the bed edge, facing away from him. She put her head down on her crossed arms, parted her legs and presented her girdled vulva and rump towards him. Andy saw that her entire perineum area glistened with moisture or perhaps a lubricant: she was an older lady, after all.

Taking up position behind Dee, he reached down to hold her hips and felt again both the hard and the stretch fabrics of her foundations. He pulled her gently towards him whilst taking the extra half step until he could not see her labia or her anus, hidden under the bottom edge of the girdle. But his erection was not in prime condition and curved upward slightly, as it had done since being a boy. Taking a chance and hoping for a good position, he pressed his stiff member under the girdle edge and pushed gently. It was perfect; Dee's labia opened before him and he slipped into her vagina as if she were already waiting for him: which she was, of course. Andy had assumed until this moment that she would have experienced the deterioration of her sexual organs, typical in older women: dryness, shrinkage of labia, thinning of vagina lining and so on.

Taking a firmer hold on Dees girdled hips, Andy began to thrust back and forth into her. Then he changed his grip, upwards to her waist and leaned forward a little to allow him to pull harder and to penetrate further. Her vagina felt tight and smooth; not at all he expected from an older woman. But also she was ridged about half way in; which increased his sensation very much indeed, and he didn't want to finish yet. He pressed his full length into her and waited, feeling his tip pressing into the "corner" near her cervix. The bottom edge of the ferocious girdle pressed onto his pubic bone.

As he stayed there, stationary for a few seconds, Dee spoke for the first time, softly from down near the bed, under her own breasts, "Don't stop Andy, make me yours. Do anything you want. You don't have to make love to me. Just give me a good shagging. Use me for your pleasure and it'll make me happy, too. Just DO ME." She was almost shouting - pleading.

Andy simply didn't wish to shoot his load so soon and said to her, "Not yet. I want more of you." He slowly pulled out of her and pressed her body onto the bed, face down initially. The he reached round her and turned he over, facing the ceiling. He brought pillow for her head and bent down to kiss her lips.

He spoke softly through the kiss, "Close your eyes and open your legs." He wondered to himself if she perhaps would need more guidance.

He needn't have worried: they smiled at each other and Dee did as he said, spreading her legs as far as she could against the tension of her corsetry, "I do remember how this works, you know. I'm not a young virgin any more," and she giggled.

Andy saw again the age in the wrinkling and fleshiness of her thighs, but she was ready for him and he certainly was ready for her.

Andy pressed her legs further apart and knelt down between her knees. Within a few seconds, he was deep inside her vagina again, feeling that ridge and this time the front edge of the girdle on his pubic bone, his hands either side of her waist and his full weight on her torso and breasts. He could feel the boned construction pressing onto his own chest and abdomen. Dee put one hand round his head and held on as the movements started. The other hand she slid down between them and began to finger her clitoris; or so Andy assumed.

He began to rock back and forward on her, into her. Dee was gasping for breath because of his weight on top of the tightness of her underwear. But the up-curve of his erection pressed perfectly on her g-spot, just inside and in the front edge of her opening. And her finger movements became more deliberate and pressing.

She began to feel a climax building and breathed rhythmically as it did so; and also she began to squeeze his head closer to herself. Andy knew what was happening and this time just let the movements continue until the full effect became obvious.

Dee reached her orgasm first, which was a surprise to Andy. This old lady was ready and willing for every sensation and her body was poised for everything that happened to her.

Within a few seconds, Andy emptied his vesicles into her and they both felt the pulsing of his erection as he pumped up at the top of her vagina.

After a few seconds, Dee relaxed her hold on his head and took a deep breath, "Oh, lovely," she murmured, "Thank you."

"No, Dee," he replied softly, "This is all for you and I'll be taking mine later. You know that."
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